06.10.11: the dirty dozen {packed for a wedding weekend in washington, dc}

01 stink
02 three pairs of heels
03 four wristwatches
04 coiled green rubber snake
05 bananagrams
06 biggie was right
07 essie trophy wife and chinchilly nail polish
08 the travelin' domino
09 jenny yoo "ella" in capri blue silk shantung
10 the essential daryl hall & john oates
11 bikini
12 equipoise

imaginary reading group discussion questions

01 have you been a wedding attendant? how many times?

02 is it acceptable to wear more than one watch at once?

03 which nail polish do you prefer?

04 have you ever gone fountain hopping? would you?


esb said...

01 flowergirl twice? maybe more. moh once.
02 only if they are swatches
03 none on fingers. black on toes.
04 is that a link i missed? used to do it in golden gate park back in the day. (nude, obviously.)

kidchamp said...

it's peripherally associated with the bikini, though we'd do it in clothes at school. i meant between the two polishes i mentioned, silly.

LPC said...

01 Bridesmaid once, I believe
02 Wholly neutral
03 Nothing on fingers, Chanel Particuliere on toes, which is the spiritual cousin of Chinchilly, I believe
04 Yes. At Princeton, in the Woodrow Wilson foundation in the week of my graduation, and then in the garden of the Faculty Club, with my terribly dignified Texan friend, naked, that same week. I think she and I have discussed the event, once. It was remarkably anticlimactic.

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

02: If it were me, I’d be flossing more clocks than Cogsworth’s dental hygienist. 03: Sally Hansen 4 life (Pace 06: The Ten Crackle Overcoat Commandments). 04: WWARD: What would Anka Radakovich do? Or wait, is that a euphemism?

esb said...


okay, i hate the yellow that i'm seeing everywhere, too. yuck.

p.s. glad i'm not the only one who found the question confusing.

Amanda said...

01 Yes: Six.
02 No?
03 Chinchilly. For myself, naked fingernails, Essie Master Plan or Lilacism on toes.
04 No, somehow, but I most assuredly would.

Rachel (heart of light) said...

01. Three or four, I think. It's a good number, I think I'm done.
02. Why not?
03. The gray, please. I wore blue nail polish once in 7th grade and my history teacher told me it looked like I had died of hypothermia. Never got the image out of my head - I stay away from the entire blue family.
04. No. Probably not, unless the heat was truly scorching. I'm cold 90% of the time, so any activity that involves water has to be carefully considered.

kidchamp said...

oh team, i disappointed you all and went with the trophy wife (with encouragement from fellow bridesmaids; valya wore "lapis of luxury," even). but i gave my rubber snake to a small charming boy who sang for me, so i think i break even.

valya said...

01 this was my third, but the first time as a non-MOH bridesmaid. so much easier. no public speaking!

02 yes, especially if they are set to two different time zones. hey, you never did show me your watch collection.

03 i'll gladly take the blame for the "trophy wife" choice :)

04 yes, in my day, fully clothed of course. now i don't think i would, because i'm usually near fountains around my kids, and i don't want them thinking that they can hop into a fountain any time they please. parenting is such a weighty responsibility.

thanks for blazing the blue-nailpolish trail. couldn't have done it without you, but i received enough sincere compliments that i'd definitely do it again.

did the snake have a name?

kidchamp said...

V, clearly this means we need to reconvene posthaste. probably with blue nails again (yours really did look fabulous). 

(on nails, internet, i encourage you to have yours done at an elizabeth arden red door spa, if one is available to you and you do that sort of thing. i'm a destroyer of manicures, and mine still looks perfect.)

the snake didn't tell me his name; alors, you'll have to tell me what james calls him!