06.23.11: the dirty dozen, part II

05 coming home last night. no sound required.

06 on the way to work this morning. worth a listen.

Birds singing
in the dark
--Rainy dawn.

(jack kerouac)


naurnie said...

wow. that second one. i miss new york.

LPC said...

You win the firefly and blues derby, however, we'll crush you in early morning birds. Of course, I always want to shoot them at 2am.

Amanda said...

It's not unlikely that I'm actually missing out by working from home.

esb said...

they're VIDEOS. couldn't figure out why i couldn't see them on my phone yesterday.

esb said...

p.s. have you seen Hud (1963)? the most beautifully beautifully beautifully shot fireflies. paul newman's not bad either.

kidchamp said...

@Naurnie clearly you need to visit us again.

@LPC sam cooke is the opposite of blues! well, sort of. i'll concede the early birds.

@Amanda i only caught them because i was coming home from drinks with a coworker. usually i'm already home or still stuck at the office. i think the answer is to picnic into the evening. 

@esb prior to seeing them in person, my primary firefly experience was the fake ones in the pirates of the caribbean bayou at disneyland. also, i have now spoken to netflix about hud

Rachel (heart of light) said...

This is how you make West Coasters jealous. Fireflies are magic.