storm front

monaco hallway

koi for me

sixth and i ceiling


jms, lmo

newlies at the bar

lincoln's waffle shop menu

national portrait gallery chandelier

{storm front from the train; joe in our hotel's murderous hallway; man-eating koi; the ceiling at sixth & i; that with which we oompa loompa; teeth; afterparty; lincoln's waffle shop; the national portrait gallery}

the good news is that our friends' wedding in washington was a smashing success. the bad news is that almost anyone can trick me into dancing these days.

{full photo set here.}


Amanda said...

You look so *happy* in that one.

enjelani said...

i thought i recognized that ceiling! sixth & i is gorgeous (as is the whole photoset).

esb said...

omg how did i miss these??

i <3 the koi photo. and you look fabulous. (but did you ditch the bracelets after all?)

kidchamp said...

i wore 'em with a watch; hmm, are they not in any of the pictures? 

...hmm, i guess they aren't. will snap something soon.