05.17.11: the dirty dozen {twelve purchases i have wished to make since ye olde shopping hiatus began}

01 needlepoint loafers
02 rock hill farms bourbon
03 green eyeliner
04 an old chair
05 a monocular
06 dirt
07 a five-pack of dice
08 cologne
09 shanna murray decals
10 a handful of gold dollar signs
11 the great night, chris adrian
12 jewish pirates of the caribbean, edward kritzler

the good news is that i inherited cologne from a beauty feature at the office, i fell out of love with the decals (joe would never sign off on them), no one else appears to want the dollar signs and they'll be waiting for me at the end of the hiatus, and amanda took pity on me and brought me swedish fish. the bad news is that i seem to shop like a geriatric sex criminal.


naurnie said...

bourbon. yes. 

kidchamp said...

i'm not typically a bourbon person, but that is some BOURBON. also, fancy golden horse!

see? i can't stop being creepy. 

LPC said...

What SIZE loafers? What icon?

kidchamp said...

small leopard print, horses, or fox heads. the editors from the local men's magazine have been sporting leopard print slippers in the elevator and making me jealous. size 9-10; i have big feet.

Amanda said...

You can borrow my monocular.

rachel (heartoflight) said...

Wait, you cannot even buy bourbon?! I definitely would have lumped that into the "groceries" exemption and called it a day. But then, I have a weakness for bourbon.

I think that I should start listing everything I want to buy, along with everything I actually do buy. Maybe I'll commit to that soon.

kidchamp said...

well, i guess i can try to make joe buy it, which is kind of a cross between him acting as my sabbath goy for shopping (as our friend jacob put it) and being a vampire and trying to get people to let me in. 

i actually have yet to cheat in this way, which is rather surprising.

esb said...

yeah, that is a weird list.

esb said...

except for the bourbon, obv.

Hannah Mae said...

As a frequent dice-player and swearer-off of Things, I heartily recommend that you not-buy a SIX-pack of dice, so that you can not-play Hot Dice.

(Also: Rock Hill Farms: thirded, or fourthed, or whichever, emphatically.  I was introduced to it in Oxford, MS, steps from where Faulkner &c. &c., and I suspected at first that my affection for it owed something to context at the expense of intrinsic goodness, but then I tried it in SF and it turns out it just rules.)