dress shot in...shower?

In Public Libraries
1. Revelers shall go big or go home.

{photo set here.}


rachel (heartoflight) said...

Major shirt + nails approval!

Um, curious about what is going on behind your head? Are you hitting yourself with a cane?

kidchamp said...

that's the rod in our shower. the theory was that i'd step on the side of the tub, dangle from the rod, and somehow take a picture of my whole dress (we don't have a full-length mirror). it wasn't a good theory.

Amanda said...

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle girl.

rachel (heartoflight) said...

Aha! Now that you tell me it's the curtain rod, I don't know how I couldn't see that before. Optical illusion-like.

In my head, it really looked like you were jauntily and yet vigorously (I can see the grip strength) beating yourself in the back of the head.

esb said...

i still love this even though i now know it's j. crew. that is how hard you are rocking it.