we entertain small knots of people on a reasonably regular basis, but i can count the actual parties i've hosted on one hand: the jen and i had an alice's adventures in wonderland party in our room over the high street when we lived in england, joe and i accidentally threw a new year's eve party at our place in hell's kitchen when everyone met up at our house and never got around to leaving, and we had a poker night which sort of functioned as a housewarming for our new place about a year ago. neither of us is fond of making a big deal of birthdays, see, and our friends are such fine holiday-party-organizers that i'd hate to disappoint them with, like, inferior halloween counterprogramming. harold camping's rapture, though - that could be mine.
date: Wed, May 18, 2011 at 10:54 AM
subject: the end is nigh

good morning, all! the joe and i have been kicking around the idea of having a thing at our apartment for awhile now; i've also been reading about the rapture and have learned that many civilizations consider our having a party to be one of the last signs of the apocalypse. i was just telling steve the other day that kirk "left behind" cameron and i are birthday buddies, and he responded by reciting thessalonians in a guttural voice:

For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are on the Lower East Side and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall have wine and cheese and those weird cookies you make. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and probably we'll have a good view of something spectacular happening to Brooklyn, what with this balcony.

what: beholding the rapture at joe and lauren's
when: this saturday, 5/21; texts vary on whether festivities begin at 6pm PST or 6pm everywhere, so let's split the difference and say 8pm local time
where: [our apartment]

per steve, we'll have wine and cheese and a variety of baked goods; we've also supplemented our bar with apocalyptic spirits. feel free to supplement that in a world-ending manner of your choosing, or to bear faith and faith alone. hope to see you there!

be pure, take a tour,
all of the people came to our party, internet! okay, our friends who were still in barcelona didn't come to our party, but two friends-of-friends came unexpectedly, so i'll claim perfect attendance anyway! i got to use all of my creepy glassware (who knew i'd been thrifting for a rapture party all this time?) and everyone liked the cookies and steve didn't eat anyone! we watched a monsignor who looked like a honey-baked ham and interpretive dancing on the (muted) catholic channel, the moon rose into the mist over the same old brooklyn, and i was very happy.

the team

rooftop silhouettes

{homemade kirk cameron and debbie harry votives & blessed mother candle (courtesy of amanda) by me; peeps on our roof by george}


Naurnie said...

lovely party, l. i should like to hang out on your roof with you.

kidchamp said...

it was lovely! (i realize i'm making a creepily big deal out of this, but i was afraid no one would come, so the whole thing was very exciting.) in other news, the next time i can't do something i'm going to say i'm still in barcelona (cari and dan really were - with a new baby, so i'm pretty sure they're superheroes - so i don't mock, i just like the phrase). 

Rachel (heart of light) said...

Throwing parties is oddly terrifying to me - I get overly worried that people either won't show up or will show up and then wish they hadn't. I usually invest heavily in booze in order to nudge it along to a good time. And then I make three times as much food as necessary. Congrats on success!

We were all camping for the apocolypse, following the wedding and I do think the possibility of the world ending made for a more enthusiastic dance floor.

kidchamp said...

i hear you on the overfooding; we somehow managed to make an entire meal of leftover cheese yesterday even though we had fifteen people on saturday noshing like it was their job (which, well, i suppose it was). i've probably said this before, but i bake like a fisherman and get oddly thrilled when people show interest in my food. ("they ate all of the bread!") this could be because i spend my days surrounded by magazine employees and have watched six people split a cupcake.

Amanda said...

You're so GOOD at bread.

esb said...

i was there in spirit. also: it was my birthday, so i kind of pretended that you were throwing a party for ME. hope you don't mind.

naurnie said...

it was your birthday? happy belated.

kidchamp said...

i have just the thing for the next time you're in town.