10.12.09: a dreaded sunny day

101 in 1001 {II}: 052 visit at least 3 cemeteries in the new york area [01/03 as of 10.10.09]
amanda and i coincided at columbus circle and took the train out to green-wood for angels and accordions, a concert / dance performance / semi-goth hoedown. i had my very first whoopie pie (an early birthday treat) among the headstones; it was excellent.

day 066: tree-angel (3 of 3)

van ness-parsons

silhouettes, graves

accordion, repose

(full set here)


Amanda Bruns said...

Thank you for being so fun.

Scribe816 said...

I am a great fan of Black & White photography. Shades of gray are always much more compelling than color, I particularly like your photo , “RIP, la femina.” The dueling accordion players struck something from my past. And if I’m correct that’s what good art is supposed to do.

lauren said...

@Scribe816 thanks! i feel like the camera's doing most of the work at this point, but i do love the process - and i agree with you wholeheartedly re: b/w.

@Amanda, you make me a better new yorker. :)