10.20.09: milestone postcards

closing night on the LES, cont'd.

we burned two and a half hours of chilly october daylight around a conference table on friday afternoon. i spent most of that time signing my name and/or nodding while making earnest faces at our attorney (part of that was to demonstrate my hard-earned understanding of new york real estate; part of it was our bonding over the improbable revelation that she had a three-legged cat). after the previous owners (finally) pushed a hedgehog-sized pile of keys across the table at us and wished us well, we dashed into a drugstore down the street, grabbed little bags of cheez-its and big cans of heineken, and took a cab to the lower east side.* champagne toasts are nice and all, but we wanted to make it to the new digs before the sun set.

we did, just barely. "i wish we could stay," joe whispered.** "we need the cat," i whispered back.

rick and judd

so we took the subway back up to hell's kitchen, where our broker and dear friend judd sang us some bowie. good people, our people.

*joe told his mother about that when he called her a few hours later; she said that when she and his dad bought their first place in arizona thirty years ago, they spent their first night sitting on the floor with coors and beer nuts. heritage!

**though we closed on friday, we couldn't move until monday morning.


Rachel (heart of light) said...

Yay! Not quite the same, but when D and I signed the lease on our first apartment we spent the weekend in it - despite the fact that the electricity had been turned off and the only piece of furniture we had was a coffee table. We bought a six pack of beer and a bunch of candles and sat on the floor in the living room and celebrated.

east side bride said...

when is the housewarming? cuz I've still got some miles.

Amanda said...


lauren said...

@R: a woman after my own heart.

@esb: as soon as i have seating, i want everyone's asses on it.

@A: ludicrous, no? the ownership thing kicks in at the weirdest times - like, "i guess i'm responsible for this toilet now. carry on, toilet."