Philosophy works


enjelani said...

does anyone else mistake those for ING Direct ads? the color scheme, the sans-serif fonts...it always takes me a few seconds to notice there's no big orange ball. at least one without a fish in it.

lauren said...

definitely. at this point, after all those recent fed slashes, their interest rates are probably pretty similar for me (a shame, as i started my 101 in 1001 savings account with ING long ago when the earth was flat [and my account earned, like, 5%]). no offense to the missus, who was a philosophy major.

tom said...

"Free your mind and your ass will follow." -- G. Clinton.

"Be color-blind; don't be so shallow." -- E. Vogue.

uncle paul said...

Little fish, don't you know you can't breathe outside your bowl? Turn back - it's not too late!!!

tom said...

In re twittering, thusly:

"i will NOT stay awake for election returns. the taste in my mouth is too reminiscent of november '00, when bush/gore broke my heart 90x."

Wasn't Lake County, Indiana just precious? And by precious, I mean incredibly high levels of suckitude.

While you were falling asleep, the mayors of Hammond (Clinton) and Gary (Obama) were having themselves a good ol' fashioned, and pathetic, verbal slap-fight on CNN. Notable moment: Gary mayor says "we should have more results very soon." Ten seconds later, numbers change -- the final results of the night. Wolf Blitzer breaks in with the final numbers and goes one last time to John King with his interactive wall-map porn. Clinton declared winner.

Hammond mayor -- who for basically the last hour has been almost explicitly calling the election a fraud because of the late returns -- is asked for comment. Without missing a beat, he delivers a canned, straight from script and incredibly lame talking point about how great Hillary is.

Total amateur hour. (Which can be said for just about any local government anywhere, really.) And from a state that has strange moments (e.g., just yesterday: 90-year-old nuns being turned away from the polls, because they are obviously up to no good).

lauren said...

yeah. i really, truly can't take much more of this hot dem-on-dem action, and the nonsense it inspires. i am not a big fan of violent language + HRC (hiya keith olbermann), but if that woman manages to prolong it by dragging florida and michigan into this race (they were both dead to me way back when they first pushed up their primaries and got smacked by the party), i will find and end her myself. girl-on-girl action.