how i spent my stimulus act payment (or sweet liquor eases the pain):

how i spent my stimulus check

here's hoping ginger liqueur blunts the sting of putting the vast majority toward loan repayment and epic vet bills ($400 just to confirm that the little cat's kidneys are still broken - and learn that the wily black cat's thyroid will probably crap out soon. more fun to be had at next month's follow-up tests and dentals!). i reserve the right to blow off additional steam by sending obama some cash - or by fedexing new york a few boxes of fresh turds for suggesting i trade my check for tortured baby eels at le bernardin. how about you, internets? respackling the bat cave, giving to charity, bronzing your panties? does anyone else feel weird about getting the funds as a general proposition?

on a less conflicted note, the liqueur really is amazing; i had it in a Girl Drink in monterey last month and have been thinking about it ever since. could replace zubrowka in my affections, though those are strong words.

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