the dirty dozen, concluded: the snow we've merited

09 the song of the day, via the weekly popbitch newsletter, is soko's "i will never love you more." i have a feeling that an entire album of her amelie-folk stylings (she's kinda "audrey tautou sings kimya dawson") would be too much for me, but these lyrics ("i will never love you more than my boyfriend when i was 14 / even if he's now an asshole;" "i will never love you more than 'god only knows'") warm my shriveled little heart of tar. it's streaming on her myspace page (linked to her name above).

10 i've been trying to settle on a nasty-ass alcohol of the day, but the two contenders are so strong: sparkling vodka* or mansinthe, "the official marilyn manson absinthe"? actually, now that i'm typing it out, mansinthe wins, hands down. tasters over at epicurious report that it tastes like shit, and, c'mon, "mansinthe"? poor old marilyn manson and his accidentally comical attempts at product spin-offs. remember when he said he wanted to market "a perfume that smelled like children"? so...baby powder? transgressive!

11 we're invited to a rather large oscar party on sunday, and while my social habits make hobbits look daring, time is running out on my 101 in 1001 list. what will become of 087 win a costume contest if i don't have a go at the celebrity look-a-like contest? there are a few obvious problems here: my short hair makes it difficult for me to riff on most actresses' looks, and i'd have to chloroform joe to get him into costume (going as a celebrity couple isn't mandatory, but i figure it can't hurt). my sister suggested i recreate lizzy gardiner's american express dress from '95, and the construction would be lots of fun - but i'd freeze to death, and wearing long underwear beneath the credit cards wouldn't be very sporting. my latest theory is that joe could be daniel day-lewis in there will be blood (surely he'd wear a vintage suit, or at least a shawl-collar sweater) and i could build an oil well out of wood skewers on top of my head. and then wear black? internets, i need your help again.

12 at the risk of sounding like a broken record: snow day!

snow on the glass roof

*LAUREN: dear god, why?

GEORGE: because they're british, and they don't know any better.


babyjo said...

i'm sure worse booze exists, but have you ever tried Pink, the caffeinated vodka? it's AWFUL. and the manufacturer thinks it's SO GOOD. i have yet to meet a bartender that wasn't bummed about making promo drinks with it, it sucks that much.

re: costume party...i think your best best is to go mildly abstract, so i support the daniel plainview/oilwell costume. i also think you will win. just make sure joe wears a stache -- it's dead without it.

ironically, i just saw that last night. i think it'll snag best picture, actor, and score (plus whatever else) but the coen bros will take it for directing. i'm a little suprised the guy who played eli didn't get nominated for supporting, though -- the ending was great.

jmk said...

what about you: bob dylan, joe: bob dylan? too obvious/done/eh?

lauren said...

@jo: glad you approve of the idea (and bleurgh, i have not tried that drink). we're going to dig around in thrift shops today to see if we can find the right duds. the hat could be rough, but i have tentative commitment on the 'stache (if i can find one off-season)*

@julia: new to me, and i love it! i'll thrift around for a few eras. if dylans emerge before daniel plainview does, i'll consider it a sign. i'm a bit rusty on his looks, though a small, tight leather jacket and strong-rimmed '80s ray-bans come to mind; maybe a skinny plaid shirt? were there particularly notable outfits in i'm not there?

*when is 'stache season?

tom said...

See, Joe would have to bring the serious crazy in order to pull of Plainview. Can you imagine him screaming "DRAAAAAAAINAGE!" on cue -- which he may actually be asked to do in order to prove up the costume? I love Joe, but I don't think he could pull it off with the same effect.

You two could seriously do Juno and Bleeker. If Joe walks in with the gold running shorts, it is all over.

(PS&BTW, per a previous post: Ralph Nader. When the news was confirmed this morning, I let out this Samuel L. Jackson worthy "muthafucka" that shook the walls. Seriously.)

tom said...

Addendum on the whole Nader thing: at the end of this clip... is that Joe??


sharon p said...

I say you just bring a milkshake and a long straw to the party for your Daniel Plainview costume, but then, I am still milking (!) that joke a month after having seen the film.

i have not yet seen the Coen bros. contribution but I'm pulling for PT Anderson and TWBB tonight. if pulling means "watching a movie with the bf and not actually watching the Oscars." that kind of pulling.

stach season is winter. cold upper lips and all...

lauren said...

@tom: joe would never eat cereal. he's one of those creepy steel-cut oatmeal guys.