02.05.08 primary notes from nyc: updated throughout the day

23:08 listed on etsy today: barack obama valentines. "if you want, you can still run for VICE president of my heart."

22:52 an e-blast of thanks from the clinton campaign:***
From Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Arkansas, to New Jersey, Massachusetts, and my home state of New York, the good news just keeps coming in. We're off to a great start tonight, and I know it would not have been possible without you.

It's not over yet. Votes are still being counted and we may not know the full results until tomorrow. But I wanted to make sure I thanked you for all you have done because, yet again, your support has given us the momentum tonight.
obama supporters in minnesota are getting similar notes, according to the hypnotic twitter/google map. that thing's better than a tropical fish tank.

22:36 terry mcauliffe's hot new strategy for fielding pesky questions from msnbc: fake deafness!** connecticut is called for obama, killing the anticipated "tri-state trifecta" for clinton (i also suspect new york, currently at about 57% to 40%, will tighten up a bit).

22:12 for your viewing pleasure, a flickr shot of one of our superbootleg new york city voting machines.

21:48 various pundits are remarking on obama's strong polling results with white males. no surprise here: i think every guy i know has a man-crush on him.

20:59 joe has started calling a certain eastern population "massholes."

20:32 illinois for obama, oklahoma for clinton, and some random talking head just called john mccain "lazarus, the great survivor." what?

20:20 as i did my best hamster impression at the gym, georgia went for obama and ny1's dominic carter tried to trick howard dean into saying he would lo-ove a clinton/obama ticket; dean responded that a mccain win would be "a third bush term." that's awfully low, howard, but way to effectively change the subject! also, tennessee (according to keith olbermann) went for clinton. no word on how arrested development feels about this, but joe is "nervous."

16:42 a gothamist tipster reports that selecting all delegates below obama's name (instead of 6 of 7) invalidated his/her vote, though commenters seem to think he/she's full of shit. also, baby jo reports from california that dad is indeed an independent: "Which, and I didn’t know this until this morning, means that he can still vote Democrat but NOT Republican. Funny, huh? A guy in line in front of me was Independent too, and he wanted to vote Republican but was turned down. We also had a slew of Indian casino propositions to vote on, which I’m sure you missed dearly."

14:39 the new york times reports on this morning's republican rally at rockefeller center:
Many of the supporters held signs reading “Veterans,” “Women,” and “Irish” for McCain. Mr. McCain, who was flanked by Rudy Giuliani and Joe Lieberman, his wife and his 95-year-old mother, gave a hawkish speech and drew cheers by telling the crowd, “If I have to follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell, I will find him.”
i knew it! bin laden is at stanford!

13:26 just in time for a few final pity votes, hillary clinton picks her all-time worst outfits for us weekly ("I'm a big believer in recycling - even carpets!").

12:41 when celebrities attack endorse, part 557: obama-morrissey 2008.

12:10 from the ap wire: "for the first time in decades, nj voters have influence in primary." not george! come to think of it, my dad might still be registered as an independent in california. also, jersey doesn't exist.

10:35 coming to order at an especially boisterous work meeting: "are you all excited about the election? oh, there's the giants parade."

10:15 a colleague confesses that the hell's kitchen vote-o-matic she used only allowed her to select five of the six delegates beneath her chosen candidate. we're all being vague about pronouns and "chosen candidates."

09:15 to my great relief, my voter registration hasn't lapsed. to my chagrin, i'm expected to select pledged delegates in addition to a candidate. i've barely settled on a candidate, new york - why must you confuse me? i feel rebecca traister's pain ("[F]or the first time in my life, barring some truly dramatic last-minute development, I am going to walk into a voting booth on Tuesday, pull a curtain closed, and see how the spirit moves me.").*

*traister's admission has earned her 613 comments already. the salon crowd is always feisty, but - wow.

**so lame. i miss the ragin' cajun.

***i'm still on fourteen of their mailing lists. stupid marc jacobs hillary shirt.


tom said...

Easy, Joe. Eaaaaasy does it.

And I will do you a favor, perhaps...

Obama drank Clinton's peach milkshake with that Georgia win.

And thus you can now avoid the There Will Be Blood reference. You're welcome.

lauren said...

too late! i was looking for an excuse to point out that apparel now abounds, and you gave it!

also, does anyone need a gently used marc jacobs hillary clinton shirt? i can hook that up for you.

tom said...

You know, I really do miss the hedonistic political-junkie thrill of Election Night coverage. Usually, I am out on the doorsteps on Election Days, or in polling places being a legal observer. Tonight? No need to stump -- Obama was always going to run away with Illinois, no Senate race, no real House races, no nothing.

And so: beer (light beer -- and still no soda!), chips and channel flipping. Ahhhhhhh.

g said...

i am still pissed off that new york has closed primaries. obama polls very strongly amongst independents, and i feel that the gap would've closed considerably in certain states that are either closed or "open" in the sense that independents can declare party affiliation on the day of the primary (i'm looking at you, jersey).

fucking fuck. do not want bush-clinton-bush-clinton, thank you very much.

Meg said...

Not David, his man crush is on Clinton only, he does not even send flirty glances Obama's way.

Joe better get cracking. He predicted Obama last spring, and we were told his predictions have magic power in them... so I'd suggest he start working the phone banks!

lauren said...

@george: given that you've been our neighbor for like four years, it's a bit sad that i somehow lump you in with jersey voters. by that logic, i'd have been voting in cali. liveblogging makes you dumb.

@meg: it's technically illegal for him to campaign for obama (at least in his official capacity), which (though it makes sense) is hilarious to me.

both of us are pretty depressed about the CA and NY results, which is understandable for him and kind of silly for me, what with my whole having-settled-on-a-candidate-48-hours-ago. that seems to be a trend too, though: the same undecideds who broke for obama yesterday (at least the ones i know) are disproportionately disappointed today. what's with that?

jacob said...

Am I the only person here who hasn't voted yet? RI holds their primary March 4, along with Texas and Ohio. I can't wait for some TV pundit to intone, "And now we go to the Obama rally at Providence's Dunkin Donuts Center" (aka The Dunk; also, cue "America Runs On Clinton/Obama" joke). Seriously, we like coffee and donuts here: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t5597.html

So thank you all for tying this election up in knots so my normally worthless vote will probably mean something this year. And I may not even have a significant other to cancel out my vote (actually, I have no idea who Megan is voting for).

jacob said...

Um, in case that last comment was confusing, Megan has not left me due to my support for Obama. I was merely teasing Meg and David for choosing different candidates, thus canceling each other out. My co-worker had the same issue - they considered going out for breakfast instead of voting (they live in MA).

Look, it's another article on Dunkin Donuts in Rhode Island! http://riroads.com/restaurants/dunkin_donuts.htm

Meg said...

@ Jacob: I got you. But, David and I are too competitive. We would have both claimed we were not going to vote, and then snuck away and done it anyway.
@ Lauren: I see you, and I raise you one. I have a friend who voted for Clinton yesterday, as a late decider, and is now upset that Obama didn't take more of a lead.

tom said...

Jacob: actually, there was a whole SNL game show skit premised on New Englanders finding the quickest route from one place to another (with one crotchety man always saying "...can't get theah from heah..."). Half the locations mentioned were various Dunkin' Donuts shops.

And I fucking got you beat. I have a Dunkin' Donuts right next to my apartment. (Chicago is crawling with shops. And yes, there is a cop car usually parked there.) AND DD's spokes-smiler Rachael Ray's from my hometown. (At least it's better than that Fritalian crack that Jen just loves so much. But not by much.) Thus and so: top that.