wabes sent me a characteristically thoughtful note yesterday: she "wouldn't dream of scooping [me]" by rhapsodizing about knut the baby bear superstar before i did, but hey, here's a cute post about it somewhere else.* it shamed me a bit: though i obviously have no qualms about posting links with virtually no context, i forget most of them before i do even that. i think i'm going to have a go at a formal monthly brain dump here - to spare myself the annoyance of misplacing things, and to free up mental space for things like "meyer library" (see comment #7 in my previous post - my memory these days is really pathetic). here, then, is march/april:

brain dump 001 [03.07-04.07]

3191: a year of mornings. two friends - one in portland, or, the other in portland, me - post a daily photo without consulting each other, and the results appear side by side. the accidental conversations between their shots are lovely.

"my humps," as performed by alanis morissette. i'm always surprised by how cute she is, and how i can never, ever spell her name right without double-checking. does the fact that this reminds me of tori amos's "smells like teen spirit" mean that i'm going to hell?

echino wolf fabric. when i finally get around to making myself an article of clothing for my 101 in 1001 list, i want to make it out of this. bonus from the same site: canada is for lovers patches, perfect for pretending one isn't american when one goes abroad.

hot rod your kitchenaid mixer. i imagine someone like hannah mae (whose mixer, as i recall, is called 'the death star') or wabes could rock this. me, i forgot to register for a mixer when we got hitched, and i'm not nearly crafty enough in the kitchen to justify picking one up for myself.

haramaki, aka japanese belly-warmers. waist-flattering like corsets, fuzzy like sleeping bags! apparently these are all the rage with the tokyo hip kids. i just like the idea of being human sushi.

plush stag beetle. lizette greco bases each of her creatures on one of her children's drawings. it's a clever idea, and her execution is amazing. my poor beetle (still only half-done, though he does have a background now) would kill for such attention!

spinach, mushroom, and artichoke casserole. tasted great, but it was 1) HUGE and 2) way too eggy - it emerged from the oven in loaf form, so we were forced (forced!) to mix in a bunch of sour cream after serving. i'd try it again as a dip, sans eggs.

someone made a shirt just for me.

*because it is literally impossible to oversaturate me with news of knut. i can take or leave butterstick the panda**, but knut : lauren :: the beatles : ed sullivan's entire audience. the clip linked above, incidentally, is the very best one.

**google that with caution, by the way. apparently "butterstick the panda" has entered the lexicon as something else entirely.


Baby jo said...

while can imagine and understand your love for the little one, i have to tell you that knut : everyone ever :: the beatles : ed sullivan's entire audience. i sent that clip around my office, and everyone is actually going to get polar bear cubs this weekend. we're also planning on getting rid of our alarm system eventually and putting one of the grown cubs out there.

tom said...

The good people at Wonkette now report that Butterstick has moved out of the National Zoo and become a wino at Union Station. Sad.


Personally, and notwithstanding Knut's backstory, the Stick rocks it. Ghost of Wonkette past has pictorial proof:




uncle paul said...


"Das Eisbärbaby."

sara said...

on alanis: i couldn't tell if i should laugh or cry...it was good to see she was having fun with the video but it's so...i just wouldn't ever put the two together (alanis & that song). ever.