the team across the hall at work, famous for leaving baby shower banners up for two weeks and bringing wine to meetings, have a new banner today:


what does that mean, exactly? they aren't wearing (more) black (than most new yorkers do), they aren't pitching black to advertisers; they aren't sacrificing black roosters in the bathroom, as far as i can tell. friday the 13th has captured the popular imagination today, it seems. the local news had a lengthy segment on it* (filmed in front of 13 west 13th street) and claimed that some people are actually staying home. is that the answer to being unable to take off for judeo-christian holidays? i should tell HR that agnostics can't work on friday the 13th. anyway, stay safe, internets! just a few of the abominations that reared their heads today:

wilco tickets: on sale at noon, now double the price!

dogs in strollers!**

en-suite garages the size of our apartment!

i'm taking a nap.

*roger clark yelled STAY AWAY FROM BLACK CATS! just as a big fat one sat in my lap.

**my three-legged cat doesn't even have a stroller. people are pathetic.


jen said...

seriously, the thing about the en-suite garages. my favorite part about the little movie that demonstrates for us plebs WHAT an en-suite garage is, is that when it switches to birds-eye view and the little man gets out of his car and walks into the house, and then the little woman walks up the stairs to meet him. i thought for a minute they were going to kiss and there'd be a cute little domestic scene. but then he just hands off the car keys and she gets in the car and drives away.

apparently urban isolation comes standard with an en-suite garage.

sara said...

ditto, jen.