a surprise gem in the boston phoenix's 100 unsexiest men 2007:
Fratboy humorist

Corn-fed, ass-faced classic-rock apologist is on book five of a schtick that wore out after book two.
i find the list a bit harsh elsewhere - bob saget (no. 91) is by many accounts the nicest guy in the universe,* and david lee roth (no. 75) is, well, diamond dave - but hee.

in other news, please note the queue, haiku link at top right. i was recently 1) talked into joining netflix and 2) struck by the realization that having completed less than 20% of the items on my 101 in 1001 list, including the ultra-passive ones about watching movies, is utterly pathetic - so i'm chronicling both in an attempt to keep myself moving. the godfather (part I) is on the list (no. 53) but doesn't get a mention, both because actually i rented it on the fly at the local blockbuster and because i was reluctant to admit that i found young al pacino kind of preppy-hot (and that for the first half of the movie, i didn't actually realize michael corleone was al pacino). anyway, woo hoo! movie haiku!

*which is but a single and traditionally unsung component of sex appeal, of course, and i'm not personally hot for the man - i'm just saying.

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