i'm no good at waiting. since monday i've been ready at a moment's notice to have a conversation that, if it goes the right way, could tweak my life maybe as significantly as our move to new york did; with each day that goes by without it, i dream up a dozen new things to worry about, and new and probably bizarre things i could say when it does happen. i remind myself that the person i need to see isn't trying to torture me (our talk is probably her twenty-fifth priority, and that's as it should be), but i still want to pick up the phone: "i respect your schedule and all, but i'm wearing my lucky underwear today!" my boss suggested i hand-wash and wear them again, but i can't bring neurotic laundering and recycling into this. i'm settling down, or at least thinking about trying to settle down, and will be graceful when the call comes next week. if it doesn't come next week and my head explodes, please know that i did my best, and forward my underwear to david bowie.


tom said...

The thought of you in a mania, repetitively washing undies, with hair all out of sorts, eyes rythmically rolling, indecipherable mumbling, etc. freaks me out too.

(PS&BTW--the lucky underwear thing only works if you wash them as little as possible, anyway. Each wash takes out luck. This is why I take little stock in lucky underwear, for the price thereof is just too revolting.)

lauren said...

yeah, this whole thread would be a lot less creepy if we had ready access to a washing machine. we drop our laundry off (which is only slightly more expensive than doing it ourselves, and much less migraine-inducing - the local laundromat is, i think, intentionally inhospitable so that folks will do just what we do), hence the need to rock the woolite at home if i wanted to wear the lucky stuff again. i did NOT wear them again, which could be why i still haven't heard anything substantive (though i finally put the post up yesterday, the freak-out in fact began last week).

from my mum:

Okay, I know that it likely won't make a whole lot of difference, but I'm wearing my lucky underwear, too.

sara said...

i'll search for the airport sandwich at SFO on my layover back home from my parent's place and have one for you. that's lucky, right?

and then i'll slip a few quarters into the slots on my layover in Vegas. (what can i say--it was a cheap flight...)