i took a pass on envying and/or hating jonathan safran foer when everything is illuminated took over the universe in '02; sure, he's a writer and he's my age, but i don't want to write novels and i have no dog in the harvard/princeton fight (he went to princeton).* after cruising gawker for one of the first times ever today,** however, i've decided it's time:
But last night we heard this tidbit, from a source close to the writers, that made us feel the inadequacy of our lives and real estate holdings as sharply as we did when we first read of their acquisition of a $6.7 million Park Slope brownstone. Apparently, [Foer-wife] Nicole [Krauss] was recently asked why she and Jon found it necessary to move from their old house, a $3 millionish brownstone a block away. "Well," she said, "You know, we're planning to have at least two kids, and obviously we all need our own floor."
damn, people! i don't care about elijah wood starring in an adaptation of one of my haiku,*** but do you have to remind me that i'm blowing my crappy paycheck on rent and making a life in less than 400 square feet of space? i think about money these days, internets; i think about it a lot. on second thought, good for you shiny young safran foer krausses. i'll just hate gawker some more.

happier thoughts, via julia: cat art from giant robot (west side)'s free to a good home gallery show, where homeless beasts were available for adoption. why wasn't i in los angeles for this? several pieces are clearly portraits of chuck.

*nicole krauss went to the alma mater and wrote poems, on the other hand, so i'd perhaps have compared myself to her – but she's a bit older, thank goodness, and i just learned of her existence today, anyway.

**it's not the particular kind of snark i like, but i've been keeping abreast of their stuff on my extended family.

***he should do the haiku we wrote for wabes for orals a few weeks ago, though.

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