i'm still quite sure that amazon.com will be responsible for the fall of western civilization, but i admit that it brought me great joy by teleporting a box of goodness to my desk in two days (with super saver shipping! i was expecting it at the end of next week!). perhaps the little gnomes who run the universe pitied me in my ongoing state of suspense and thought i could use a distraction; that's what i thought when i placed the order, anyway.

i realized as i clawed my way through the packaging that its contents were the subjects of one of my favorite paintings. that's todays reader challenge, then:

mystery package

what books did i order?


jacob said...

_consider the lobster and other essays_, david foster wallace?

lauren said...

you know me too well: correct for #1! #2 is a bit trickier.

g said...

tuesdays with morrie?

sara said...

um, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" ?