the office

i took a stab at translating my name into chinese. phoenetically, it becomes to labor at normal human relationships - oh, dear.

i’ve been living at my desk. how was your week?


Baby jo said...

very m.c. escher of you, in a way. so that's what your office looks like?

enjelani said...

i already have a chinese name, but i thought i'd try my american one phonetically: comes out as "are you blowing snot? yes." j's, meanwhile, comes out as "golden 8 ball." the bastard.

i'd say yours still beats ours anyway.

uncle paul said...

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mylar.

lauren said...

J/P: for years i thought escher's hand with globe was an image of someone holding up a football helmet - i knew the image only as a poster on someone's dorm room wall on a different world. and yup, that's what 1/4 of my office looks like.

E: the western-to syllables-to chinese aren't kind to anyone, are they? i'm sure your chinese one is far more graceful - what does it mean?

enjelani said...

grandpa wanted to give all of us kids grand, lofty monikers, but mom & dad rejected my original name as too suffocating (i think it was "the standard-bearer of virtue" or something). they named me "leisurely and happy" instead.

my brother, on the other hand, got stuck with grandpa's choice: "the very example of profundity." yikes.

me likey the escher-mylar too, by the way!

wabes said...

my sister had a chop stamp made with my phonetic name on it, which was something like "beautiful horse on a majestic mountain"...but i've never verified that.