in a series of events too complicated and boring to relate, i acquired a nasty, nasty tube of jones soda's turkey & gravy lip balm. i thought of introducing said balm into the pot at our poker game on friday night, but i was 1) threatened with bodily harm and 2) had wicked beginner's luck and narrowly avoided winning it myself. then i realized i should send it to mischa barton.

mischa barton quote of the day:
The OC star Mischa Barton has hit out at critics who claim she is too young to write an autobiography, insisting her stories are fascinating.

The 19-year-old actress has already spent 10 years in the movie industry and promises her tales from the sets of blockbusters The Sixth Sense and Notting Hill will make brilliant reading.

She storms, "I was starring opposite Julia Roberts at the age of 12, that's already a big enough story."

(monstersandcritics.com, 11.13.05)


Individuo 445289 said...


Esta si
Esta no
Esta me gusta me la como yo!

Well, that's Spanish Techno. Chimo Bayo's only true masterpiece "Asi me gusta a mi" (translated 'that's the way I like it'). Makes your ears bleed, but makes for a good laugh (actually 90% of all spanish techno falls on the laughable side).

Just stumbled on your website while searching for lyrics and background info on that song by the New Pornographers.

Bear porn novels, lethal diet coke and Dubya halloween pumpkins... well, nice site. Just thought it deserved a comment :)

I445289 - Flog.tk

lauren said...

per the search terms in my visitor log, this is a common frustration. the most interesting thing i can tell you about NP's "spanish techno" is that the theater in the chorus ("sixteen and valencia") is the roxie in san francisco, which is where jake and i met for ladyfest a few years ago (2002?) and watched short films featuring gal costa's "meu nom e gal" (techno version - hey!) and a fleshy bare-breasted woman, shot from above, jumping up and down in a corner. it's a beautiful theater, and it does in fact have two screens.