the brits have spoken! after a month of courtship, i've gotten their permission to have our wedding in oxford. no more nightmares about defaulting to an elks lodge in sacramento. i like to think i have little in common with the disturbed brides-to-be that i keep reading about (emotionally engaged, i'm looking at you), but i admit that i expect spectacular disasters at every turn. it would be too easy to actually pull off the sort of wedding i've been dreaming about since (cough) preschool.

so said brits gave us three weekends to consider. we pared those down to three sundays, given the limited availability of our ideal reception venue and the pleasant thought of having a rehearsal dinner on saturday night. i'm too cheap to pay an astrologer to tell me which sunday is the luckiest;* considering other kinds of significance, though, has been fascinating. themes are definitely emerging.

sunday 1
- pope clement xi, slash, monica lewinsky, haile selassie, and daniel radcliffe (harry potter) were born
- saint birgitta, ulysses s. grant, and montgomery clift died
- egypt and libya celebrate revolution day
- "gorgeous grandma" day

sunday 2
- "in god we trust" became the national motto
- jimmy hoffa disappeared
- emily bronte, arnold schwarzenegger, alton brown, and neville longbottom (harry potter) were born

sunday 3
- the first execution by electric chair was performed
- the atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima
- prince released purple rain**
- tennyson, andy warhol, elliot smith, and ginger spice were born
- four popes (sixtus ii, hormisdas, callixtus iii, and paul vi) and rick james died

sunday 3 is certainly the flashiest, but it's awfully violent (and questionable for a few of our guests); bad day for popes. sunday 1 is better for popes, but we're not inviting any of them anyway. sunday 2 is the early frontrunner.

if any of the three are sending you vibes (or making your schedule hurt), speak now or forever hold your peace...

*i'm also afraid of learning that the day we end up leaning toward is cosmically horrible.

**hell yeah.


sara said...

i'd let you know if my schedule conflicted, but a-i'm not sure what days (in august) you speak of and b-the decision won't weigh on my choice of days, though i'm planning on being in attendance if anything at all is possible. blah blah blah

lauren said...

july 23, july 30, and august 6.

valya said...

based solely on its past events, i agree that sunday 2 seems the most suitable. besides, would you want to share a day with ginger spice, biggest attention whore of the 'girls?

bassett h-q said...

Yeah, I'm with Valerie--it's the deuce for me too.

One of the partners I work for is a history buff. He asked me the other day to change a deadline we were giving the other side in one of our case from the close of business on 7 December to 0800 on December 7. (He added that it should be 0800 Hawaii time.) Funny, yet so incredibly wrong.

In much the same vein I would vote against 6 August. Bad vibes all over that one (Purple Rain notwithstanding).

uncle paul said...

July 30 also marks the First Defenestration of Prague! Sure, the second Defenestration of Prague is the superior defenestration, but it still beats the electric chair.