as wonkette notes, just about everyone has heard of scooter libby's bear porn novel (the apprentice) at this point. the new shocker is that it wasn't news years ago, since an aggressive initial ad campaign in the washington post and elsewhere made libby's rank in the bush administration one of the novel's selling points. even old news can be hot news, though: today alone, copies over at amazon have jumped from $42 (at about noon) to at least $69 (as of right now). i haven't seen pricing nonsense like that since the stanford bookstore spit on my old textbooks. speaking of amazon, its "surprise me!" feature (which links to a random page in books with the "search inside" tag) got me thinking. in the tradition of nanowrimo, then, i propose rebepocoda: Republican Bear Porn Collage Day. participation is far less taxing than writing a novel in a month would be: simply share a bit of your "surprise me!" experience with the apprentice. my text, as it happens, included an age-old question:
"Is there feeling?" a bucktoothed man asked. "At least on the first night, even after a bear?"


sara said...

i'll bite:
"Hey," the rope maker called again, waving his hand and trying to get Wakabayashi's attention, "I didn't know there was a difference between beauty and pain."

also, there's a hard cover edition going for $2100 (wtf?) and used starting at $169.

uncle paul said...

Mine sort of sounds like Cormac McCarthy. Note that the rhythm becomes iambic at the end, always a sign of Profound Description.

He had progressed fretfully, peering around the trunks of the forest ahead, and the way had become strange anew beneath a heavy sun.

Kristina said...

Now, why do I find this description unsettling?

"The girl wore a matted fur coat the color of a yellow dog."