happy monday-after-turkey-(or-tofurky-if-you-swing-that-way)-day. in our neck of the woods, the holiday weekend left us feeling the need for another holiday weekend, and soon. this could be because we got around to watching twin peaks: fire walk with me last night; the cumulative effects of david lynch being david lynch and the lamentable quality of the dvd (which skipped and dropped two of every twenty minutes, almost always during a dream sequence and - worse - during the david bowie cameo) made me desperate for a nap.* no love for the pumpkin pie lady this year, though i thought i outdid myself with hand-cut cinnamon-and-dough leaves:

pumpkin pie, season 2

those pie-haters can sod off. more for us.

*synchronicity! as vincent canby put it in the new york times, "[fire walk's] 134 minutes induce a state of simulated brain death, an effect as easily attained in half the time by staring at the blinking lights on a Christmas tree."


sara said...

have you watched the complete series? now that's some bizarre stuff. josh has the whole twin peaks series.

lauren said...

haven't seen the series at all, actually, and didn't realize the movie would spoil the whole "who killed laura palmer?" thing - because i am careless. i like lynch quite a bit, though, so i'll probably go back and watch the show. joe and i are without a series now that we've devoured season 2 of the L word.

jacob said...

the irritating thing about recordings of "twin peaks" is that the first season is on DVD and the second is on terrible extra-long-play tapes w/five episodes per. Which means that when you are able to locate second season tapes (tough here in central PA), they are of dubious quality (at least rentals - I'm jealous, Sarah). I've only seen the first 5 or so episodes of the second season for that reason. Also, the pilot episode is separate from the first season, so watch out for that.

in dissertation news, i've discovered that even cuter than 1st graders doing art are 1st graders singing "turkey in the straw" and shouting "gobble-gobble" at each other while making turkey wings with their arms. i've got to work this into the dissertation somehow.