have spent 90% of the last three days either at my desk or asleep; have lacked opportunities to do the sorts of things one blogs about. in lieu of those, trifles:

1 loobylu's 'month of softies' theme for february: alice in wonderland revisited. jen will be pleased to see that one seamstress made a wee snuggly slithy tove.

2 from the you know you've made it when file, i admit that i nearly peed a little when i found judd slashfic on one of the american idol message boards.

3 lp minireview: wilson pickett's a funky situation (wicked, 1978) is not a good record, despite enthusiastic song titles such as "lay me like you hate me," "she's so tight," and "dance you down." it is not, however, a bad record: "hold on to your hiney" ("'fore that funky music breaks it two") is awesome in every sense of the word.

4 anna wintour is fugly.

5 the fog (*1/2). love those cranky lepers! props from the new yorker got me past my typical disdain for john carpenter and out to the video store for this one. i appreciated the halloween-y music, the large hair from mother-daughter horror supergroup janet leigh and jamie lee curtis, the use of northern california as setting (beach towns up there are scary, as a matter of fact). and glowing fog, yes, the glowing fog. not so pleased with how the plot died with 5 minutes to go or how mrs. john carpenter (adrienne barbeau)'s character was able to identify individual streets from wa-ay up in her deejay lighthouse.

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