look, i can say it without shame: i've been following the red sox like a freak. a poorly timed nap on sunday kept me up for all of game 4 that night, and i would argue that anyone who can sit through five hours of tortured boston fan reaction shots without feeling something for their team is made of stone. compound that with the fact that two of my best friends would trade their limbs for a series win, and you've got my attention. for tom and the rest of the Nation, then, kidchamp presents

::amateur reactions to the ALCS::

the a-rod slap. this is where baseball needs to be more like soccer: in randy marsh's shoes, i'd have thrown his ass out of the game. given that marsh called him safe before he hit first base, though, i'm guessing a red card would have stayed in his pocket no matter what. pity.

the curse of the bambino. seems at least crippled after the sox took the league in the bronx on mickey mantle's birthday, no? i worry that the franchise's appeal will wane if they take the world series - i for one might have to start rooting for the cubs (if someone can explain the goat thing to me). it's bad luck to talk that way, of course. if the baseball gods are listening, we still fear You.

pedro's little friend. maybe the only thing about martinez that interests me. nearly throwing game 7 because terry francona wanted you to share the win: lame. throwing a tiny man from your home town for good luck: creepy. but unique!

more to follow.

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