good things about listening to ethan frome while working: i'd forgotten how relaxing it is to hear someone else read, i get to be a supereffective multitasker, and having a male narrator read mattie silver's lines in a drag queen voice adds a frisson of gender confusion to the literary experience. bad things: i'm almost finished already (whoops, short novel) and joining an online audiobook club is eighteen times more expensive than, say, netflix (unless you qualify for, no joke, the trucker discount). i found a free 15-day trial membership that promises to send me things like big sur and ulysses before they start asking me for $19/title - we'll see if i can get a little culture and get out prior to that.

found adam gopnik's tribute to richard avedon (in this week's new yorker) quite moving: now that i no longer work for The Corporation, i have the freedom to mourn people like him without worrying about how to pillage his legacy for a press release. PR is not an entirely evil business - i did get to promote people and events who deserved attention every now and again - but it did pressure me to think about grief and tragedy in a predatory way. yay for getting fired before i had to do that, eh?

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