the worst eateries in new york city, presented alphabetically and with considerable bias:

cipriani 42nd st. at $350/plate, probably the most expensive meal i'll ever eat. fortunately, the evening was a work event and i wasn't left on the hook for so-so risotto, indifferently roasted veggies, and wine that never arrived. gorgeous location, but that only got my hopes up for the food.

fetch. joyless t.g.i. friday's-type american food served in a room decorated entirely with photos of dogs. when i agreed to have green peas folded into my macaroni and cheese, i assumed they had a good reason for the suggestion. they didn't.

nobu next door. resident sushi snob joe called the miso soup remarkable and the fish run-of-the-mill. i had bland tempura and a warm mushroom salad that tasted like a gin & tonic and caused me to vomit with great gusto an hour later. not what one would expect from the restaurant that brought us iron chef japanese.

2nd ave. deli. if you like pastrami, this is your mecca. if you're a vegetarian, you're fucked: they're kosher, and you'll be gnawing on half-dill pickles and bland spaghetti while your meat-eating tablemates roll twitch in near-religious ecstasy.

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