Q tell me about your spiritual beliefs (if any) and what you look to for enlightenment in that area (ie. a particular book).

i'm an atheist or a pantheist, depending on how one chooses to define either of those. i don't believe in god, heaven, or hell; i believe that humans are no more or less significant than cats, blue whales, japanese beetles, etc. i think texts can be inspirational, but i don't believe in objective truth.

Q if you could change one thing about yourself : physical appearances or a particular ability, etc. what would it be?

it would be nice to require less sleep, and i've always wanted connected earlobes.

A if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be & why?

iceland: friendly locals, quaint national holidays, ludicrous natural beauty (an odd draw for me, as The Great Outdoors and i are not close). a friend of a friend used to have pictures of her visit to icelandic hot springs on her personal site - i think my obsession began with those.

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