vii when i was six and emily was three, we had a family summit to name our unborn third sister. emily gets this year's gift award for giving said sister, joanna, a tee shirt printed with her entry, beautiful rings.

viii punch drunk love: the snack-sized version of p.t. anderson's magnolia. considerably better than magnolia, i would argue; with the exception of a few psychedelic intercuts and good-but-overused philip seymour hoffman, it avoided indie gimmicks. i also suspect that adam sandler was actually acting, which was refreshing. joe's parents recommended this, leaving us to wonder why "it's weird, you'd like it" comes up with such regularity. at any rate, i'm getting closer to enjoying films that perform like short fiction.

ix dave weekly and his northern california crew invented the superhappyfunhouse, 2003's answer to douglas coupland's microserfs. dave, like douglas (wolk, not coupland) is the sort of person who makes me want to take notes on, well, everything. wish i'd been in town for screw winter - i love the banner.

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