finally brought it to The Corporation's attention that, while the new york work week is 35 hours and i've been paid accordingly, It instructed me to follow a 40 hour schedule; It apologized profusely, promised back pay for the last three months, and lopped an hour from my upcoming days.

i celebrated with a very long nap; no sleep for me tonight.

top ten excerpts from nothing personal, a thrash album by the best friend* of this goth i kinda dated in high school:

10. Twice my heart fell / Off of this shelf
09. You've got to cut this Safety Pin Romance
08. When I [EXPLETIVE]ed you I [SAME EXPLETIVE]ed myself
07. Carnal Suicide / Carnal Suicide
06. I wear my flesh like a blanket / You wear yours like a beret
05. I dedicate this dirge to you my love / To listen to as I die
04. I tried walking next to your friend Zeus today
03. Chanting madly / Never does / A dumb boy make
02. I can't run any more / It's not fair to anyone involved

*his band was called CUTTING ROOM FLOOR.

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