California's wacky recall drama may not solve state money woes, but it's paying off big for product pitches.

Several companies, including Taco Bell and the candy mint Mentos, are using the popular voter revolt over the governor's seat as a backdrop for new national commercials and marketing blitzes.

Taco Bell has named several of its menu tacos after candidates, and polls customers daily on which taco-candidates they prefer to order and eat. The beef taco is named for candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Gov. Gray Davis is represented by the chicken soft taco and Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante is the chalupa. All the other 127 candidates are represented by the grilled "Stuft Burrito."

"Arnold's taco has been in the lead this week," said Taco Bell marketing chief Greg Creed. "We want customers to put their vote where their mouth is. Customers can 'buy votes' this way."

(new york post 9.10)

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