yesterday's urban moment, courtesy of the union square L stop: a girl in overalls with a guitar and a crisp voice like suzanne vega. instead of making my sternum rumble, her amp sent vibrations through the big stock pot in my lap. we were en route from phil's, where joe prepared an italian feast on saturday. another friend had written MEAT SAUCE on his lite-brite for the occasion. on the train, a teeny girl had a huge pug, mellow as the buddha, hanging in a baby harness on her chest.

lots of bagpipers practicing scales on the train this morning. i think my building was supposed to seem somber and supportive, but the patriotic stuff makes it look like a car dealership. a woman is singing bette midler's "from a distance" on the patio.

given that popular sentiment has tended toward mourning and caution lately - bush is not popular here, especially since he skipped out on the trade center memorial today - i'm surprised that nationalism is so prominent on the street. i find the I LOVE NY MORE THAN EVER shirts moving, the USA business not so much. there's talk of the administration using this anniversary to push for strengthening the patriot act - again, not so much. i wore black, but i usually wear black.

the final move is saturday. attribute recent silence to titanic struggles with the broker, who decided at the last minute to trick us into living in a shoebox. our actual place, not the original apartment but a larger rental in the same building, is what i'd call cozy. we'll be leaping over our bed to get to the bathroom, but the view is lovely. time to find a non-ikea couch that wants to fit through the 31" hallway.

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