conversations with doctor omnibus* {omnibus on the road}

doc: not that you'll remember this because you won't come in then, but i'll be out the week of august 12th.
LMO: oh, are you going somewhere fun?
doc: the coast of oregon.
LMO: your daughter lives there, yes?
doc: she won't come and visit me because i said something she didn't like.
LMO: what did you say?
doc: i said, 'you were born on third base and think you hit a triple.'
LMO: sometimes daughters need to hear that.
doc: [...]
LMO: she'll get over it.
doc: [laughs merrily] like i care!

*have i ever mentioned that he's seventy? he's seventy.


Rachel said...

Oh my god, you are still seeing this guy?! Even if it's just for the stories, I think it's worth it.

lauren said...

he remains A Character, but i noted as i walked back to the office today that i always feel good after i leave his office. (i also only see him twice a year; if this were a regular thing, the fact that we try to out-curmudgeon each other would probably be more of a problem.)

Rachel said...

Oh, twice a year is so different than once a week. No wonder you still find him amusing.

lauren said...

i think other people actually do see him on a weekly basis. i kind of want to meet some of those people.

LPC said...

I just wonder, is he as smart as you are? Are you sure you don't just want to see my brother?


I know the answer, BTW.

Rob said...

this is great