I did not know one person in Montana. I sat in the house and tried to write a novel about high school; I went for walks, drank quarts of Coors beer, listened to the radio. At night, a neighbor's horse shifted his weight from hoof to hoof out in the trees, and sometimes cropped grass so near I could hear him chew. The first snowstorm blew in from the north, and crows crossed the sky before it like thrown black socks.

(ian frazier, from great plains)


LPC said...

Best crow imagery ever.

lauren said...

i love that image so much i hardly know what to do with myself. i need to write ian frazier a fan letter one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Jacob said:

woo hoo! glad you got around to "great plains." relatedly, i'm currently reading a fascinating pop science book on the intelligence of corvids, "gifts of the crow."