A time to go home!--
And a child's dirty shift billows upward out of an alley,
A cat runs from the wind as we do,
Between the whitening trees, up Santa Lucia,
Where the heavy door unlocks,
And our breath comes more easy--
Then a crack of thunder, and the black rain runs over us, over
The flat-roofed houses, coming down in gusts, beating
The walls, the slatted windows, driving
The last watcher indoors, moving the cardplayers closer
To their cards, their anisette.

(theodore roethke, from "the storm")


naurnie said...

i'll be thinking of you guys this weekend. if you need to? come on down to durham. you can go to the gillian welch conert with us.

kidchamp said...

i love how laurens look out for laurens. thanks, man.

anonymous said...

For those who refuse to evacuate for Hurricane Irene, you are advised to put your name, address, contact for next of kin, and Social Security number on a 3x5 card and insert it under your foot in your left shoe.

kidchamp said...

excellent! the right shoe would've been tricky, what with all the gauze in there after i dropped a piece of sparkler between my toes last weekend, but left i can do.