my sister (baby jo) and brother-in-law (chris) are as fond of movies and cemeteries as we are, bless their dark filmgoers' hearts, so our conversations about our upcoming stay at their place in los angeles were mostly a competition to see who could be most enthusiastic about rolling out for cinespia, a decade-old summer screening series at hollywood forever (a favorite final resting place for the famous and dead - valentino, douglas fairbanks, and the like).

cemetery picnickers start lining up around around six on saturday evenings, and they don't wait to make it through the gate: tables and chairs sprouted like mushrooms on the lawn at the side of the road. everyone had the same roll-up gnome-table; i'm guessing it came from the silver lake trader joe's, as we ourselves had (both in a temporal and metaphysical sense). perhaps a tenth of the crowd had had pizza delivered to them at the cemetery, while jo brought the russ and daughters caviar dish i gave chris last christmas. "you could bring candles," i said. "bitch," said she, "please."

brother B's cinespia table cloth
{brother b's handmade cinespia table cloth}

we turned out for it happened one night, frank capra's 1934 screwball road trip movie with clark gable and claudette colbert. a deejay played assorted indie rock (and a lot of amy winehouse) as we staked out spaces on the vast lawn in front of the mausoleum/screen and reassembled our alternapicnics. folks queued for the voyage-dans-la-lune-ish photo booth; a placid cat wore a harness at the end of a leash. just before the movie started, one of the organizers came out to tell us that the deejay and his family had just moved to los angeles from northern ireland, and it was his (the deejay's) young daughter's birthday; the birthday girl came out as well, whispering that she was very nervous and didn't want the microphone, and we sang for her. the organizer asked her if she had anything to say. "bacon," she replied.

it happened one night
{gable, colbert, mausoleum}

dew settled on our legs and shoulders as the moon rose.

cinespia still life
{clementines, votives}

we made short work of our wine and sake and tunneled under jo and chris's four thousand blankets (quilts handmade by jo, naturally). when the movie was over, i tucked in my arms and rolled over them both, the suckers.

leaving the cemetery, cont'd.
{leaving the cemetery}

where are your saturdays in the cemetery in the summer with my sister, new york? please try harder.


Amid Privilege said...

I just realized that I always do best to read your posts backwards.

kidchamp said...

Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the Funny Farm, Chalfont...

gracie o said...

california knows how to party, man.

jamie said...


table in a bag (these? http://www.crateandbarrel.com/gift-ideas/family-gifts/table-in-a-bag/s175016 my favorite!) cat on a leash! girl whispering bacon! OUTSIDE MOVIES.

can we go back in time and i will join you?

kidchamp said...

YES! also this should probably be our meetup the next time we're in CA. also also yep, that's the table; you have one too?