03.10.11: the dirty dozen {on my desk}

01 highland park 18 year old whisky
02 750 ml bottle of sparkling concord grape juice
03 navel orange
04 brown sugar vanilla body cream
05 coco chanel (justine picardie)
06 glue stick
08 $1.90 in canadian coins
07 war and peace (leo tolstoy, louise and aylmer maude trans.)
08 14" green hula hoop
09 fuck the economy mug
10 DIY karl lagerfeld votive candle
11 storyteller: the authorized biography of roald dahl (donald sturrock)
12 righteous indignation

imaginary reading group discussion questions

01 biographies: do the authorized ones interest you?
02 have you ever trained a pet to jump through a hoop? any pointers?
03 what does your mug say?
04 how is it where you are? i miss the life in which i wasn't at the office until midnight, internets. i miss that creepy laugh of yours.


jacob said...

01 well, i've been stuck at p. 50 of the "official" iris murdoch biography for a couple years now, but i don't know if the "official" designation is the reason.

02 no. maybe a laser pointer would be of help? maude will pursue that red dot anywhere.

03. pantone 292.

04. it's a very messy desk, a train whistle in the distance, a day before the university is on spring break, and only 4.5 hours until i get to pick up my daughter from daycare.

valya said...

01 no. biographies in general were ruined for me by elementary school.

02 yes, actually. what worked for me: a willing retriever and an exciting treat on the other side of the hoop (food works for some dogs, but throwing a tennis ball into a pool works even better).

03 babe

04 we're out of coffee.

Rachel (heart of light) said...

01. Honestly can't remember the last time I read one. I tend to stick to memoir (lazy!).
02. No, but we did teach our old terrier to dance, which was pretty awesome.
03. Los Angeles + Starbucks (for work), New York + Starbucks (for home), Athens + Starbucks (for when I am at my parents). I don't have any particular addiction to Starbucks, it's just that they make the largest, sturdiest mugs and I've gotten in the habit of buying new ones whenever I'm in a city with a new one.
04. Warm and sunny, not that I'm out enjoying it. Went out to grab a 15 minute lunch yesterday and seriously considering running away and leaving my TAs to fend for themselves.

Amanda said...

01 I enjoy unauthorized autobiographies, myself. But I want you to tell me all about the Dahl.  
02 Do little brothers count?  
03 12  
04 Wet-footed, fulla pizza, and generally overwhelmed.

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

01: You gotta do it like V.S. “Fuck It All” Naipaul and cop to all types of sadomasochistic depravity. (Well played V.S.; as if people hadn’t plenty of distaste for you already!) 02: Blackmail. 03: Be Nice To Prostitutes. 04: I feel like Scott Bakula must have felt at his first screening of Lord of Illusions. 0?: I’m sanguine about Krauss’ Thundertome™ bout being sanguinary; an early victim of Count Leo’s four month rampage or will Patti ruin that pretty face after flipping the script and putting Tolstoy’s randy ass to bed? HYPE.

Peonies said...

1) Not so much, I prefer the ones that might not be made up
2) The rabbit is un-trainable (Amanda, of course little brothers count)
3) It says 'I like big coffee and sailing on the Riviera'. Subliminally of course. It's large and simple with blue stripes on a white background
4) Behind. I am very very behind.