for a handful of years in the mid-nineties, my family's summer vacation was a week at stanford sierra camp, an eccentric affair up near lake tahoe where alumni and their relatives weave pine-needle baskets, roast marshmallows, and hear lectures on global warming and judicial history. our week's featured speaker one year was sandra day o'connor, and the cabins were atwitter before she arrived: would she discuss contemporary cases? would there be room for everyone at the talk? would she stick around for square dancing? one of my friends was fishing up at witch's pond one evening, as one does, when with nary a rustle or snapped twig, sandra day o'connor materialized from the undergrowth. "justice is served," said she [i paraphrase], and he greeted her in the only way one can when confronted with a supreme court justice on a fine summer's eve: "this is my fish," he said, holding up his tin minnow bucket.

i'm married lady of the day over at east side bride; i haven't a tin minnow bucket, but these are my green pants.


they were $15 at a barneys warehouse sale a few years ago, and they make people exclaim things happily. it's entirely possible that "i love green pants!" is shorthand for "i love [that you are the one wearing] green pants [and i am safe over here];" i'm okay with that as well.

imaginary reading group discussion questions

01 if you were a supreme court justice, how would you announce yourself?

02 what's your most popular article of clothing?

03 would you wear green pants?


Amid Privilege said...

01 Moi, voila. Just because I could, and for the sake of internal alliteration.

02 Embarassingly, my Prada dress.

03 Since green comes in many shades, yes. I can imagine myself at 75, sporting a pair of hunter green cords, avec loafers. If I take after my aunt, that is, a deeply desirable fate given her continued acumen. Almost as good as Sandy's, I think.

gracie said...

01 "Please rise for Our Lady of Sweet Fuckery"

02 Uhmm, I don't know. People don't really approach me. Ahhh, I'm unapproachable!!! 

03 Totes.

jacob said...

01 "Not that asshole, Scalia."

02 My straw fedora.

03 Am I golfing with Joe?

valya said...

01 "justice is served" sounds good to me.

02 lately, my tan boots from target that @aintnomomjeans told me to buy. or maybe a black shawl-collar cardigan from the most unlikely place: motherhood maternity. gifted to me by my in-laws, it's been worn by non-pregnant ladies including my mom and wabes.

03 yes, but the trouble is, i would never buy green pants.

megan said...

1) here come da judge, natch
2) cherry red fluevogs- people really like red shoes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJKt-DhII_4
3) sure

furiousmuse said...

1. ditto, megan
2. a lacey, Renaissance Faire-inspired top from Anthropologie that has shades of gold, rust, and black.
3. yyyyeesss

esb said...

i <3 this post.

i think my most popular article of clothing might be a blue marc by marc jacobs coat with big abstract magenta roses that i was wearing the night i met h. i don't wear it often enough anymore.

sidebar: way back in 90 or 91 i had a pair of green overdyed levis. they were excellent.

Amanda said...

01 I would just sneak up on people.
02 That funny pair of funny silver-beaded sandals I bought last autumn. People LOVE those things. I remain unconvinced.
03 Pale green pants with nobody inside them.

esb said...

that wasn't a sidebar, was it?

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

01: Probably a musical cue, like at baseball games or in world wrestling, maybe R Kelly’s I’m a Flirt; then an announcement, a crass pun I’d hope, like “he wants in your briefs”. 02: A black hooded sweatshirt back in the day; more recently, a cheap, poorly stitched FBI ball cap. 0?: W/r/t your esb post, your remembrance-of-things-past-game is sick.

Rachel (heart of light) said...

This explains so much. (The family vacation spot, not so much the green pants.) (But the green pants are awesome.)

holli. said...

1. i'd have a hype man nearby to shout "bow down, bitches!"

2. im confused, popular with me? i have 8 sets of the same black billabong bikini that i rotate in to most days. popular with others? people hurridly find a way to compliment whatever i'm wearing, when i mistakenly stray from white tshirts and solid shorts

3. i have green hammer pants, but i wish they were gold.

anonymous said...

Hey, it was for over ten years, not just a 'handful in the mid-nineties'.

And I'm not even going to start on the comment about everyone's relatives weaving pine needle baskets.

kidchamp said...

mom, is that you wanting me to point out you dominated the baskets? she dominated the baskets.

Peonies said...

1) some sort of musical number, perhaps on a bugle. 
2) brown boots, knee high, with many straps and buckles
3) before seeing this picture I would have said no. Now I'm tempted. 

Peonies said...

(not with turnips though, turnips make me look short. you are a tall lady and can get away with such things)