08.19.10: twelve things, part I

2010 BBQ II

01 megan and patrick's yard in new jersey, lawn games, the greatest beer of all time. that and the photo read as four things, but they're experienced as one thing.

02 incubus, a 1965 william shatner horror film shot entirely in esperanto. by most accounts it's awful-awful rather than cult-awful, which will in no way prevent me from using it as an excuse to throw a viewing party.

03 the skeleton dance and the haunted house (both 1929), watched many, many times at a formative age. if i don't end up attempting a gozer costume for halloween this year, i might build a skeleton costume around a xylophone rib cage. can one wear a xylophone around one's neck all night?

05 in october, we'll be heading out to connecticut for a long weekend in a rented house with friends. this is the seasonal local tourism i've been meaning to do for years, and i can't even tell you how excited i am, even though (or because) the whole thing sounds like an indie coming-of-age movie. in a world where everyone owns at least one tom waits album...sweaters will be belted.

06 steve smells like cookies.

imaginary reading group discussion questions

01 what is the greatest beer of all time?

02 what would you serve at an incubus viewing party?

03 gozer or skelephone?

04 i'm new to this grown-up group vacation thing. pointers? i'm not bringing any firearms or explosive secrets from my past.


LPC said...

01 The kind I drank when I was young.
02 Succubus.
04 Prepare to find someone more annoying than you suspected. Make sure you and Joe have strategies for when one or the other of you need to go hide. Have fun. That part doesn't change.

rachel (heart of light) said...

01. Staropramen cerny, in Prague. Unavailable everywhere else, as far as I can tell. Although if they did export it then it might be ruined, due to tough brewing restrictions in Europe. I would consider moving to Prague just so I could have a liter of this beer with lunch and dinner, every day. To be fair, living in Prague wouldn't exactly be a hardship.

So distracted by desire for cerny that I can't focus on any more questions.

g said...

01 it's a cliche, yes.  however, i stand by the single pint i had at the guinness factory in dublin.

02 hot dogs.

03 gozer.  make joe dress as the keymaster.

04 bring cookies.

anonymous said...

03  skelephone.  obviously.  because then you can point at joe all night and go 'pllaaayyy.   PPLLLLAAAAAAYYYYYYY!' 

Amanda said...

01 Raspberry Lambic, clearly
02 Blindfolds

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

01: Hmm, I dunno.  Adult Swim taught me that Mexican beer is the cheapest of all beers (that, and stuff like ‘Hydration is Essential,’ and that your eyes roll into the back of your head once you reach the *height* of demonification #aquateenscholasticism).
02: Incredible Hulk (that, or municipal water and medicinal edibles).
03: The Gozerian.  Consider a) Who’s not dialed up to eleven with a suffix like ‘The Destructor;’ b) handmade wool felt lap-Zuul accessory; c) audacious smoking-hot rhinestone-encrusted bodysuit madness (that, and d) your kitty-minions can bound around and run amuck in everyone’s refrigerators).

gracie said...

hoegaarden + watermelon

jamie said...

01 san diego style IPAs (hoppy)
03 you are the expert, go with your gut and it will be perfect.
04 again, no advice needed. i don't belt my sweaters, but own many a waits record. would i not fit the bill?