day 201: baggage

steve nash was remarkably calm about the whole neutering process yesterday. he had little red-rimmed stoner eyes when i picked him up from the vet and he wobbled around a bit when he first got home, but within half an hour he was back to posing for his imaginary calendar.

the crash

i like to think that at some point i'll develop self discipline and stop posting gratuitous kitten pictures, but it's not looking good.


LPC said...

I'm not a kitten person but they are awfully cute babies. And I am a baby person. In all parsings of the sentence.

east side bride said...


jen said...

more kitten! more kitten!

ma said...

Now he's seriously channeling Bernie...too cute!

jamie said...

please don't. {stop}

kitten in a bag. &hearts:

they are so forgiving, huh?

jamie said...

he is just so cute. with his paws up on the edge of the bag?

just, so.