02.01.10: the day you arrived

battery tunnel

jersey smokestacks

snow, independence hall

first bank of the u.s.

kitten-meeting room

stripe assault

steve nash

(we named him steve nash, of all things.)


Jamie said...

Steve Nash is heartbreakingly lovely.


I love that bringing home was such a special event.

Jodie said...

As a former owner of a cat named Mike Bossy (of the 1980s Islanders), I approve.

Amanda said...

These photos are fantastic, L.
As is Oslo-turned-Steve.

kidchamp said...

@jamie: thanks! i didn't expect The Kittening to be such an undertaking, but that's petfinder for you - you find a cat far away, you click with him and his foster, and suddenly you need to go to philly (which was great for us anyway, since we like it so much out there). i know i make too much of how steve and chuck remind me of souther salazar's the day you arrived, but it makes me so happy. the bip makes us so happy, all three of us.

@jodie: the name was *my* idea, weirdly enough. we met him, pronounced him steve nash, then brought him home and i said something about how much he likes to nutmeg us (all kittens are underfoot, of course, but this one is very particular) - and joe showed me this. heh.

@amanda: he smells like kettle corn.

Rachel (heart of light) said...

Oh, his coloring is amazing! Congrats on your new addition!

Jamie said...

And. Him in the crook of Joes arm? <3

did he sleep in the bed with you?

kidchamp said...

i'm told he sat on my head and groomed me for an hour or two early yesterday morning, which explains why i woke up looking like aimee mann circa "voices carry."* i am, as you would gather, a rather enthusiastic sleeper (and in my defense, he weighs like a pound).

i'd forgotten how kittens want to be as close to your face as possible at all times. it's pretty winning.

*and how'd he manage the little braid? damn, steve nash.

LPC said...

The real Steve Nash isn't cuddly. At all. But that has no bearing on anything. I am so glad your kitten is cuddling you.

jamie said...

oh. i finally linked through to the art. IT IS. that painting really really really should belong to you. it would look SO GOOD above the trasit grey couch.

and, not all cats want to be as close to your face as possible? no one told manray.

can i post a kitty pic or two on my blog? (I am really living vicariously here, if it wasn't obv)

kidchamp said...

@LPC: oh, no! i hope it's in the "large, sweaty basketball players are not cuddly" way, and not the "he's actually a jerk" way. i'm not very good at actually calling him by his name yet, so there's time to salvage if jerkery emerges.

@jamie: i know! i should make giant robot tell me who bought it back in the day so i can stalk and proposition them. (that sounded much less creepy in my head.) i've also considered asking souther salazar to draw me a tattoo - i really like his style.

you may post away, of course! and, er, speaking of cat-behavior, have you ever had a cat in-house with mannie? our little bip is ALL OVER wrestling with chuck, and i'm afraid he's going to graduate to ass-kicking when he gets older. i know mannie kicks ass outdoors, but he's friends with your other beasties, yes?

jamie said...

when we adopted manray (i have been thinking of emailing you the story, with images. YOU WILL DIE) he came with a partner that we lost shortly after. we always assumed Twiggy was his sister, but she might have been his mother, or something else. or not related at all. he was so good to her it was heartbraking.

he is absolutely in love with emmy lou. head over heels. when she ignores him, of course, he tries to put the smack down, but it's still out of love. diamond dog wants nothing to do with him, but sometimes he tries to make friends anyways. we have never had another cat in the house since twiggy, but dogs come by regularly. he is usually scared at first, but sometimes makes friends, and is never mean in an ass kicking way. i think outside it is a wierd territorial thing. i think if we brought a kitten, or a submissive female into the house he would be fine- after a while if not right away? they know the score about home being nuetral territory. siamese are known for their fighting ways, but i don't think you will have a problem. one of my good friends has a siamese she keeps locked in now due to too much outdoor fighting, but she doesn't have any problem with her other cat who lives inside too. especially since he is a kitten now and will grow up with chuck? i wouldn't worry. i am sure there are some siamese who are extra crazy and are fine when they are young then grow up and need to live alone, but i imagine this is the exception and not the rule, so i wouldn't dwell on it.

blah blah blah

YESSSSSSSS. think he would say yes to drawing a tattoo???

kidchamp said...

dunno (re: tattoo) - i hope he'd be flattered? i've yet to write him a "so, i'm obsessed with this cat thing you did" note, though i talk about that painting constantly, so i really should.

the big worry with chuck is that he refuses to put the smack down on the little one in response - he just gets up and walks away if he doesn't feel like wrestling. i'd hate for steve to think he's the boss, as he's probably going to be bigger than chuck is (and, of course, he's ten years younger). chuck, pacifism now is bad strategy! i wish i spoke cat.

i clearly need the illustrated tale of manray.

jamie said...

i think that is ok. maybe not ideal, but steve can be the dominant one (the boss) and still not fight/beat up chuck. there is a difference between being kind of an annoying punk, and picking serious fights, you know?