101 in 1001 {II}: 036 buy a pair of hot shit designer shoes [completed 05.01.09]

charlotte ronson sandals

i came to a realization when we were playing darts a few weeks ago. the early crowd of pub regulars had dissolved into a more nattily dressed bunch of saturday-night-in-new-york-city types, and the flip flops i'd been wearing all day were starting to look especially plain. i turned to george and joe: "i need stripper shoes." "oh, no," said george, "big clear platforms?" actually i meant something more like these; the sad truth is that i've been wearing ballet flats and sensible little kitten heels for so long that i have no concept of anything that kicks your height up by more than an inch or two - you know, the sort of shoes that make your legs go on for miles. "stripper shoes" means "flattering heels worn by women who are not usually me." sad, really, given that i used to roll around stanford in ten-inch platforms. but that's a story for another time.

i worried that this was going to be one of the Big Cash Outlay for Questionable Ends list items: i'm not especially good at shoe shopping, and crazy sample sales like the jimmy choo bonanza down in chelsea last week are better for peoplewatching than they are for making purchases (as someone tweeted about that obscene wait, Guy in Chelsea observing the line for the Jimmy Choo sale: "You'd think they had invented a ladies-only swine flu shot."). but! the save fashion popup store at port authority (open for a month as of friday, with a rotating weekly selection of designers) saved the day. i got these babies, by charlotte ronson, for next to nothing - and i knocked off the first half of another item [030 buy a bikini (and wear it in public)]. rawr.

1: why am i taking a picture of your feet?

2: for the internet.

1: this will not end well.


tom said...

Big Cash Outlay for Questionable Ends list items

True story from last week: A shoelace of mine broke. After trying to mend said shoelace, I gave up and went to the conveniently-located Allen Edmonds store at my work building. I wondered about buying a set of laces and the clerk just gave me a pair. Insisting on paying something, she still said no. So in order to be a total dweeb I said, "oh, I'll buy some socks." Picked out a pair--without looking at the price tag. This was an error on my part.

$20. For one pair of socks.

(Oh, but they were on sale, so it was only $17. Only.)

I strongly considered being a jackass and telling her to void the sale and to take my free laces. But I personed up and took my overpriced socks anyway. I have an anti-jerk reflex in me that sometimes costs me.

They did feel good, of course. But: never, ever again with the $17-$20 pair of socks. Or with buying something that you think (from past experience) will be affordable without checking the pricetag first.

Amanda Bruns said...

Hawt shoes, lady.

Rachel (Heart of Light) said...

Kick ass. Excellent choice, my friend.

wabes said...

maybe summertime this year needs platforms.

or shopping with you. reserve me a spot on the weekend of may 30, eh?

did you get a designer bikini, too?! rawr, indeed!

lauren said...

@wabes ayup! got this in deep blue with grey accents, $69 for the set.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I want stripper shoes. My wedding shoes were stripper shoes but they're bright red satin, I think I need more practical stripper shoes. I like yours very much