04.30.09: the business of death

1: i told my mother i'd want to be stuffed and mounted and placed in the front yard, with big teeth and claws, if they fit.

2: or i could take you down to new orleans and have a voodoo priestess reanimate you, so that you could shuffle around mindlessly. and vacuum.

1: i'd want to be helpful.


wabes said...

hemingway (which is as predictable as his prominence on said dude lists), for me, i guess, _a farewell to arms_, though i should probably revisit something else of this that i first read 10 years ago. _american pastoral_ always comes back around as a book where women aren't allowed to do or be too much except ruination, but that's the extent of my roth.

i'll be thinking of other meta-masculine possibilities as we drive through ohio today.

Amanda Bruns said...

1. Moby Dick
3. Boots

jacob said...

1. london fields, martin amis
2. art's website mentions that his library was updated in january 2009, but currently stops in 2007. maybe he keeps the list in a notebook and then transfers it to the web? this would make sense, considering he's been keeping this list since the 1960s (!).

lauren said...

fine work, jacob, and fie on me for neglecting to read that part of his site (good thing i'm not a fact checker, eh?). that brings us to a new question:

04 what d'you think's on the cover of art's notebook?