04.08.09: the dirty dozen, part I {snow in april edition}

01 a group of my college friends and i started sending each other birthday haiku via our google group (hipsterdeathsquad) a few years ago. it's kind of great: the aged one gets lots of inbox love, and the rest of us get lots of bad poetry. my syllables for jen, today's birthday girl:

chicago locals
forgo easter services
for jen's birthday bash.

dare we conclude that,
like the beatles, our girl is
bigger than jesus?

she makes better cake
for sure. happy birthday, kid -
big love from new york!

02 via lucky's style steals blog, the zappos map: a real time feed that shows shoe purchases on a google map. it's a bit like the tweet-maps that sprouted up around the presidential debates last fall, except, you know, with shopping. someone in riverside's got great taste in sneakers.

03 i passed a flock of choirboys in front of carnegie hall on my lunch break today. what is it about formalwear (they were wearing tuxes and electric blue bow ties) that makes young guys such baby birds? teen girls, now: the ones i see running off to prom all over the city are bold little warriors. was i that confident when i was that age? were my dates so...george-michael?

04 amanda and i met last night for the season's last installment of poems & pints, a reading series at fraunces tavern (new york city's oldest building, where washington addressed his officers for the last time). i will spare you my theories about the intricacies of cultivating post-college, non-work female friendships (i tried working them out earlier today, and the resulting paragraph was infinitely creepy) and say that i had a lovely time (coworkers: "...so how was the girl-date?" me: "not terrifying at all!"). also, watch out for sharon olds's compost poems: that lady loves her digestion imagery.


Rachel (Heart of Light) said...

You and Amanda at a beer soaked poetry reading? Way to make me jealous.

Amanda Bruns said...

Yay! "A lovely time" is much better than "She is SOOOOO creepy." :)