04.09.09: the dirty dozen, part II {bless us every one}

05 my camera's moodier settings are having, i will admit, an unduly dramatic effect on the tone of my photos. i was going to post a gaily colored picture of the trees blossoming in front of my apartment, but it's so much more fun to caption the ones i take in pinhole mode.

A guy watched me take this photo.

the orphans rejoiced when spring put her arms around the tenement building.

06 according to this morning's newsletter, gwyneth paltrow is selling her goop online ("i thought maybe i would ebay some of my favorite and most treasured things to raise some money for the robin hood foundation, who do a lot of amazing work in new york city."). this is a bold move: as any voodoo priest can tell you, it's a lot easier to practice black magic on someone when you have some of their personal effects. don't anger anyone who wears chicken bones as accessories, gwyneth! of course, there is the distinct possibility that they aren't her personal effects at all; it's a likelihood, really, for the idea that she and i wear the same size is more than a little silly (and, well, the items are listed as new).

07 via popbitch, the charles mingus cat toilet training program ("it took me about three or four weeks to toilet train my cat, nightlife."), c. 1972. no, seriously.

08 we've tiptoed into the time of year when i have jonathan richman's "springtime in new york" in my head in a near-constant loop. here's hoping a full version pops up on youtube one of these days; live, it's one of his loveliest songs.

on canal street in april when it's 60
and the snow is melting fast
it's still shady in the morning
when you're laughing in your t-shirt running past

in tompkins square park, a couple is meeting
say what you want but i feel my heart beating
cause i love springtime in new york,
springtime in new york i do

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