09.27.08: mississippi mudslide

liveblogging a debate isn't nearly as fun as popping in all day to talk about a primary.* if you ever try such a thing, internets, be prepared to re-watch each exchange like four times - and maybe resist the urge to liveblog the soup you're making at the same time.

20:57 still recovering from the sarah palin beauty pageant video linked over at wonkette. swimsuit-related dry eye!

21:02 i always forget about jim lehrer's irisless muppet eyes. he seems like a nice enough guy, but they're terrifying.

21:04 ooh, barry's first shot at mccain (on deregulation)! why mccain isn't now noting that bill clinton's the one who signed the financial services modernization act in 1999...is beyond me. it wasn't bipartisan, but it was on our watch.

21:05 whoop, reducing broth volume probably means simmering without the lid. i am a great chef.

21:07 that overdone "wall street blah blah blah main street" construction could be this debate's drinking prompt. it's come up twice already.

21:09 nice eisenhower anecdote, john, but it makes you sound old. i'd steer away from coded messages to the greatest generation, as those dudes are asleep already on this coast.

21:10 multicolored heirloom tomatoes are lovely when they're intact, but this soup is totally going to look like barf.

21:11 don't remind us of the chairman of the SEC, john! we all laughed at you when you claimed you were going to fire him! fun fact: christopher cox was my congressman when i lived in the OC. less-fun fact: the OC went belly-up in 1994 (it was the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history).

21:12 "...main street" - drink! also, jim lehrer sounds like a marriage counselor.

21:14 i get that pork barrel spending plays well on the stump for mccain, but it's hardly the issue on everyone's lips.

21:15 was there a CSI joke buried in mccain's line about bear DNA in montana? palin would know. wait, touchy subject.

21:17 how do two giant bay leaves just disappear in a stock pot? fuck.

21:20 if we don't get the income tax under control, all of our jobs are going to...ireland. raise your hand if you would mind moving to ireland.

i stopped there, as i was getting soup all over my notepad, and pausing the debate every forty-five seconds got old fast. i think that though obama could've used better language when he agreed with mccain (a point rephrased is much harder for your opponent to replay in campaign ads), he was telegenic and sure-footed, which is all he really needed to be last night. i wanted him to kick mccain's deregulatin' ass across the stage, but obama's always had a long fuse; ideally, the undecideds will realize we could use a bit more of that. at the end of the day, what's said about the debate will matter more than what was said at the debate, of course: how was it with you and yours?

*which i attempted back in early february (apologies for the lack of a specific post link - i ripped that code out of the 'champ's template years ago and never figured how to reinsert it).

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meg said...

We were drinking to Main Street AND Wall Street... and surge, for that matter. I'm sure you can guess how that ended. If they had said "joint navel exercises" or "gay Americans" we would have had to finish our drinks, but nothing doing on that front.

For all the cr*p I give McCain, I was really surprised that he was as bad as he was. He was once a great thoughtful politician (even if he never could give a speech) and a ok debater... but he just fell apart. Obama lit up from time to time, but all and all he was just good enough. Which frankly, is all he needed to be. That said, McCain needs to drop the pork issue like a hot potato. It's bad, no one likes it, but we're in economic meltdown and a war. I think even the dumbest swing voter has a feeling that we need someone who can see the big picture, not just the line item. And, he needs to really watch it with the condescension... though that is even more important for Biden on Thursday.

Oh, Thursday. It gives me a reason for living amidst all this meltdown.