luchador o'lantern (1 of 2)

feliz 'ween, internets - may all your soupbones and flying clotheslines find their marks.


sara said...

nice! umm...optimus prime? it looks a little bit like the transformers... :)

lauren said...

he was supposed to be a luchador - i've been poring over various mask designs for several days - but i ended up doing a kind of funky carve job. for future attempts, i will try to

1) have a good thin grapefruit knife
2) not have a head cold
3) have something other than ny1 on in the background (his right cheek got sliced off when i was surprised by the news report that liz smith got it on with the ladies, even though i think i already knew that)

Ceri said...

I thought it looked like a luchadore :D Love the Jackie Chan kids site, thank you for bringing that to the world XD Hope you get this comment, looks like you haven't used your blog in a while, hope you're okay. Sounds a bit odd from a stranger but still it'd be sad if the person that brought Jackie Chan Kids to me had something bad happen to them :P I originally found your site because I was looking for one of my ancestors coat of arms, weird how things work :P