such highs and lows in the nyc! on saturday night i was stuck to the couch, home early thanks to a bizarre reaction to a burrito (quod me nutrit me destruit, eh angelina?) and trying to watch television through my squinty allergic freak-eyes when mom called to tell me about the stanford-usc game.
With the win, Stanford football’s back on the national consciousness in a big way. “Cardinal Rule” proclaimed ESPN.com’s frontpage headline, “Absolutely Stunning” read SI.com’s. That the game went final at 11 p.m. Eastern made it the perfect lead story for that night’s TV shows and the next morning’s newspaper’s. Even the New York Times got in on the act, with the nation’s preeminent newspaper giving Stanford’s shocker top online billing, over stories on Medicare billing scams, and ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Congo.
we what? in something other than air hockey? fantastic! that excerpt from the daily is kind of disturbing (over iraq?),* but i loved the coverage of how excited the kids on campus were that night. they started a fire! my little successors!

on sunday george and joe and i went up to the ziegfeld theater for the super-special new-york-and-los-angeles-only screening of blade runner: the final cut (no voice-over, two unicorn scenes, no optimistic footage from the shining at the end). as we filed in, we saw

celebrities v. giant inflatable rats: straight outta 1982

LOU REED. i'm still working with the theory that i should never, ever say things to famous people, but i had a rough time with that one. we played the man's music at our wedding, internets (george maintains that "sweet jane" was a depressing choice, but it's one of my favorite songs)! the ziegfeld's crappy soda dispenser then cheated me out of the vat of diet coke with which i solemnize all movie theater visits, but that's 1) hardly a low compared to the previous night's death burrito and 2) watching blade runner with lou reed! 1982 indeed.

rats: 4.5
star: 11

yesterday i finally got my copy of the learning to love you more book, with a note from the publisher saying that though they didn't end up using a photo of my banner, hey, thank you for permission anyway, and here's a 'thank you' freebie. i'm disappointed (particularly because a friend's project wasn't included either, and i like hers more than i like mine), but the gesture was nice. one of the concluding essays mentioned me and my phrase (which had been my little sister's idea), though, so hey! her text got used in an art book, which one could argue is a high to make up for what we did to her football team. how about that!

how did the cosmic pendulum treat you this weekend, internets? did you know that it tried to wallop jen with catastrophic weather for the chicago marathon, and that she finished anyway? my college roommates are superheroes, you know.

*and okay, the copy editing - let's not talk about it.


tom said...

cosmic pendulum

Well, the Cubs got swept. But the Red Sox swept their series. Cosmic pendulum is about right. (But what would come with Stanford's win?)

And I concur: Jen rocks.

jacob said...

in a strange coincidence, i just finished reading _do androids dream of electric sheep?_ this weekend (part of the jonathan lethem-edited library of america volume on philip k. dick). and i've only seen snippets of "blade runner." my guess is that some aspects of the novel didn't make it to screen - e.g., there's no scene where harrison ford buys a goat, is there?

the cosmic pendulum swung wildly for us this weekend, which happens when you interview 5 photographers and 2 potential officiants for your wedding.

tell me, is it a good or bad sign if your co-worker leaves _the complete idiot's guide to bridal showers_ on your office chair?

lauren said...

i think that this latest version had more on the animals than previous ones did - i don't remember nearly so much on the snake before - but no, no secret rooftop pets, and none of the scene where pris (was it pris?) pulls the spider apart, which to me was always the most chilling part of the book.

i bet harrison and calista flockhart have a goat, though. they seem like the types.

on the idiot's guide - it means they're misguided but care for you. and also that you will probably have to invite them to your shower, if you have one.