as i was getting ready for work yesterday, i spied a lime-sized dust bunny on the floor next to one of joe's speakers, where the three-legged cat was perched like a gryphon. i picked it up to transfer to the trash and discovered that it was in fact a dead mouse; i shrieked so loudly that i'm surprised the missus didn't hear me from the shower. i have no problem with live mice, mind you (we hear them running inside our walls all the time, though we've never had evidence of one in the apartment) - grabbing a dead one with my bare hand, now, was unpleasant. i don't think the cats killed him: there were no signs of foul play and/or postmortem chewing. the mouse had, however, been carefully groomed - his fur was slick with cat spit. my pets haven't much in the way of killer instincts, then, but they can give prey beauty treatments. none of us - me, joe, or chuck and buck - would make it in the wild.

brain dump 010 [halloween, sort of]

jackie costume designs. jackie chan has a website for kids! a website for kids with a yearly halloween costume contest! a website for kids with a yearly halloween costume contest for which past entrants have drawn louis xiv jackie, thai woman jackie, and gandalf jackie! loving this site is exhausting me, but it's worth it!

results from record of the day's "what price did you choose?" (for radiohead's in rainbows album download) survey. i feel like less of a cheapskate (we paid £5) knowing that the self-reported average was £3.88. as one of the commenters quoted in pitchfork's piece on the survey noted, it's nice to have the opportunity to "tip" thom et al. if we decide the album merits it; i might go back and do just that.

black kids (formerly mata hari), the band responsible for dooce's "song of the year." it's called "i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you," and it really is great - a mishmash of robert smith-ish yelps, shimmery cure-ish keyboards, and...generic happy shouting. the band's whole four-song ep, wizard of ahhhs, is downloadable from their myspace site (the link above). no word yet on how one would tip them, but they sure do seem to deserve it:
Black Kids are such good-natured pop-cultural sponges that they opened their fateful Athens Popfest set by reciting a screwball exchange from the Jim Henson-directed David Bowie fantasy film Labyrinth (a back-and-forth borrowed from Cary Grant's The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer).

rockula online, "what may well be the first page devoted to the 1990 cult-fave vampire musical." i mentioned this via twitter a few weeks ago, but it's hard to express the weird joy that is rockula in 140 characters or less. listen: it's about ralph, a vampire whose true love, thanks to a gypsy curse, is beaten to death with a hambone (by a pirate with a rhinestone-encrusted peg leg) once every 22 years. the pirate is thomas dolby ("she blinded me with science"); ralph's mother is toni basil ("mickey"). ralph is in a rap/rock band with bo diddley (really, behold: "he's the dj, i'm the vampire"). rockula never made the leap from vhs to dvd, but if you stumble across the cassette at your local rental place, internets, never let it go.

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