ah, the first stirrings of summer in new york, when a young woman's fancy turns to thoughts of o god i should wear the air conditioning unit as a backpack. it isn't actually that warm, yet; joe posits that we've developed an addiction to constant cold air and are deeply unnatural creatures. my only defenses are that my customary body temperature is low (around 96.8), and that i stored so much pretty sparkly sunshine by growing up in southern california that i don't have to feel the day star on my shoulders, or hear anyone speak without irony, ever again. who can say?

work is easing up, as my new associate has finally arrived and the current issue of the magazine is queuing up for the publisher in a calm and orderly fashion.* i've gotten over the fear that having to boss someone around would lead to my death (my issues with authority figures have nothing on my issues with being an authority figure) and have gotten to the stage where i just want her to like me. it's tough to tell how things are going so far: i'm trying to be friendly and supportive, but i keep forgetting that the first few days at a new job can be crazy intimidating, and that i should let her get her shit in order on her own. we needn't braid each other's hair.

the other upshot of the work-settling is that we should finally be able to vacation; i've let go of my dreams of a "woo new job!" trip to iceland (flights are cheap, but nothing else is), but i plan to get to california and chicago as soon as is humanly possible. in the interim, jake is doing us the favor of coming out for the weekend so i will have someone to cry with about the end of veronica mars (for the record, i think the last two episodes worked quite well as a series finale - long live LoVe!). this is a good thing, and there are more (hopefully very cold) good things a-comin'.

*by the end of the last closing period, by contrast, i was hovering at my phone at 10 pm waiting for do-or-die calls about porn. it was unpleasant.


tom said...

I'm the same way. My paralegal happens to be out of town this week, so I have to farm out stuff to other people. I handed a quick project to somebody and, after explaining what needed to happen, she said, "thank you." I had to stop and say: "look--you are doing something for me. You don't have to thank me." It got appreciative giggles from the co-workers, especially when she said "thank you" to me again not an hour later.

So, yeah: having someone do something for you, as a job, is strange.

Oh: trip to Chicago? I (and, by proxy, Jen) give two thumbs up to that of course. But note that the air-you-can-wear thing hits Chicago with a mighty vengeance. Like today for instance. It's not like New York hot, but its unpleasant in its own way.

sara said...

yeah, california! north or south?

lauren said...

both, ideally, but we're starting with south.

sara said...

yeah! oh, and you are aware that the use of the word porn in your blog will now drive up the number of visitors to your site (most likely). time to start inserting google ads ;)